The film concerns a father’s admiration for his son on one side and a son’s sympathy to the mother. All four characters are connected in which three are Upendra and one is Catherine. Shiva is the ‘God Father’, who caters to his son’s every need; however, he is confined to a wheelchair. He is well respected in the city. The hiccup is to his son Vijay (Upendra) from Ajay (Upendra). One is growing up with a ‘God Father’ and the other one is being raised by a ‘Mad Mother’. For the situation of his mother Ajay wants to take revenge on his father, so he troubles Vijay in his marriage.
When the situation devolves to the extent of killing ‘God Father’ (‘Shiva’), he gets up from his wheelchair to open his third eye. This Shiva flashback is the biggest draw of the film. One of the rarest characters, Shiva behaves like a female character, but he is an excellent dancer. In the village he is considered impotent and a eunuch. Sujatha, looking at a dance video of Shiva, agrees to marriage and travels straight to the marriage hall. The height of insult that Shiva faces makes him gutsy. He rapes Sujatha in her room. The result is the birth of twins, Vijay and Ajay.
In the climax Ajay falls sick and wants to kill his father Shiva and interrupts the marriage ceremony where he is told the truth. The ‘God Father’ is gunned down at this place