Utopian Upendra is all set to launch a home banner film. This is not a sequel but the title ‘Uppi-2’ leaves a suspicion that it is a sequel.

In 1998 Upendra directed and acted a film for producer Shilpa Srinivas and it was titled as ‘Upendra’ – the film starring Raveena Tandon, Prema and Dhamini ran for 100 days and it was a mixture of breeze, fire and rain in the film.

Now after 14 years Upendra is taking up a project for his home banner. It is ‘Uppi-2’. Gurukiran is scoring music again. Upendra has done the story, screenplay, dialogues besides direction. ‘Uppi-2’ is in the production of Priyanka Upendra. For last year Upendra birthday the film banner was launched by star’s wife Priyanka. She intends to release the film ‘Uppi-2’ for 2013 birthday of Upendra.

To the ears when the title is fast narrated it hears as ‘Uppittu’ (mouth watering popular food item. Meanwhile the only film ready for release for Upendra is ‘Topiwala’ in the direction of Srini. ‘Topiwala’ is a film releasing on the eve of election has many injections to politicians from Upendra.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7IYZwFntR8]