Ugramm 2014 Kannada Video Songs Free Download
Set in the North Karnataka region of Mughor, Ugram keeps viewers hooked from the beginning with its lively script and brilliant narration. Though the loud background music drowns the dialogues at times, the action-packed sequences make up for all shortcomings.

Agasthya (Srimurali) has a close friend Bala (Tilak) who lives in Mughor, which is ruled by rowdies. They rape and kill girls in front of poor natives who are unable to do anything to stop them. One fine day, Agasthya comes to Mughor and witnesses the horror for himself when a young girl cries for help as a goon tries to rape her. While the helpless villagers watch in silence, Agasthya jumps into action and kills the don and his aides. He gets control of Katager, Thamba, Neganala, Indi, Terdal Market and many other areas. While getting rid of the rowdies, Agasthya also happens to kill Bala’s brother. This gives Bala a reason to hate him. While in Mughor, Agasthya has another task to accomplish — to protect Nitya (Haripriya), who has come from Australia to visit her mother’s grave. She’s caught in the rivalry between her father (Jaijagadish) and Shivarudra Lingaiah (Avinash), a don.

Ugram undoubtedly belongs to Srimurali, whose power-packed performance gives life to Agasthya’s character. While Haripriya’s excellent dialogue delivery and expressions make her a delight to watch, Tilak impresses you with his mannerisms. Ravi Verman deserves a pat on the back for the cinematography