Cast: Mayur Patel, P Murthy, Disha Poovaiah, Neha Patil, Achyuth Kumar
Direction: M Mahesh Kumar
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 25 minutes

Slum is not about life in a slum, but about two rowdies who are childhood friends. They are Lucky (Mayur Patel) and Surya (P Murthy) – both orphans. We have another character Swamy (Achyuth Kumar), a government employee, who strikes a deal and offers supari to the duo to kill a person. Later the two kill a number of people, including Parandhama, an underworld don.

The story takes a curious turn when Lucky is killed by a gang with Swamy’s help. Surya is left alone. Distraught over the death of his friend, he meets Goripalya Altaf, Srirampura Chakri, Kapali Anand and Shivajinagara Istyab who advise him to give up rowdysim. There is also a romantic track when Surya falls in love with Usha (Neha Patil). The movie is full of bloodshed and murders. While Mayur Patel has shown some maturity, P Murthy has a long way to go. This is not the right movie for Neha Patil or Disha Poovaiah to prove their acting talent. Music by BR Hemanthkumar has a couple of catchy tunes.