It was Dr Rajakumar in ‘Mahatma Kabir’ in 1962 of Aarur Pattabhi direction and it was also the emergence of first female music director Anasuyadevi in Sarvodhaya Picture. Krishna Kumar was heroine of that film.

Today after 51 years the 51 years Shivarajakumar is playing the role of ‘Mahatma Kabir’ in just ‘Kabir’ title after a few of his films completion.

July 12 birthday of Shivarajakumar also marks the two new things. One is his fans association is contributing fund for Uttarkand flood affected region. Secondly three get ups of Shivarajakumar in ‘Bhajarangi’ Kannada film will be unveiled on that day. One of the three is Six Pack abs of the century star.

Speaking to a few media persons Shivarajakumar revealed that after ‘Bhajarangi, Aryan and a film with Radhika Kumaraswamy the film ‘Kabir’ in the direction of Kabbaddi director is going on the floor. One version of the script has given good feel for him. Shivanna also has ‘Hebbettu, Punyavantha’ in the list of films.