Movie :Shivajinagara
Cast : Duniya Vijay,Parul Yadav
Director: P N Satya
Producer : Ramu
Music Director : Jassie Gift

From the first scene to the last, Shivajinagara is an action extravaganza. The entire film can be considered one big action scene. Since it is produced by Ramu, nothing is spared to make the film as lavish as possible. Action is the story, action is the screenplay, action is the entertainment and action is the message of Shivajinagara. The violence in the film is a bit too much and deservedly gets an A certificate. But the fans of action films could not have asked for more.

The story is about an engineering student who goes all the way to protect his family and avenge his father’s death. Ram (Duniya Vijay), is the protagonist. He lives with his mother, sister and her kids. His mother is the second wife and his father rarely visits the home. So Ram develops animosity towards his father. But as the story develops, the family is united and they move to Shivajinagar from Basavangudi. The trouble starts as Ram’s father is indebted to a don called Fayaz. The only way to solve the problem is to kill all the villains. Ram does it in an explosion of action and impressive stunts.

Fans of action films will lap up this film. There is no pause in action except for the songs and a few romantic scenes.

For Vijay, coming after the successful Jayammana Maga, this film gives an opportunity to go back to his core fans who would love to feast on this action fare. He is more than his usual self in the action sequences. These are composed brilliantly and are bigger and better than ever before. He has taken part in some extreme and dangerous action sequences. In the romantic part with Parul Yadav, his ‘Kariya’ image is invoked to good response. The actress gets good footage even in this action flick. Among the co-stars it is Avinash who gets the maximum mileage even outshining the big villain played by Ashish Vidyarthi. His role as a spurned father and a gambler who puts his family in peril is well etched out.

Though the songs are good, they are not well placed. Something like what was done in AK47, where the songs were used as bits, should have been adopted. This is where the editing would have worked better. The lavish film has good cinematography and amazing visuals. The story and screenplay is also good. Sharper editing would have made it a great film. Overall the film is still good for those who love action. There is lots of bloodshed which might put off some.