Sawaal Kannada Movie Review
Sawaal Kannada Movie Review

Cast: Prajwal devaraj, Sona, Raj K. Purohith, Shobhraj, Sadhu Kokila, Raju Talikote
Direction: Dhananjaya Balaji
Genre: Drama
Duration: 1 hour 59 minutes

It’s just another romantic story with no freshness in story or narration. The hero takes up a Sawaal (challenge) to fight a rowdy and does it with ease. There’s a girl who’s witness to the ill-deeds of the rowdy. Who is that girl?

Director Dhananjay Balaji has chosen a good story, but it looks like old wine in new bottle. With age old concept and narration, he has highlighted how a young lawyer takes on a rowdy and saves a family. The worst part of the movie is the dubbing for Shobhraj.

Arjun (Prajwal Devaraj), a young lawyer, practises under Menasinakai (Raju Talikote), a criminal lawyer, and also falls in love with his daughter Madhu (Sona). He is given a major task of handling the case of Dhanaraj (Shobhraj), a notorious rowdy. He builds a case against collecting all information. He also has a witness – Pooja. As the story progresses, we come to know that Pooja Arjun’s sister. They had separated when Pooja, Arjun and their parents were attacked by Dhanaraj and his goons. The father, son and daughter unite after 20 years. The story ends on a happy note with Arjun handling the case.

Though Prajwal has done a good job, it’s time for him to choose different roles. Sadhu Kokila’s track doesn’t make any sense. Shobhraj fails to impress. Music by V Manohar is good. P K H Das has done well in cinematography.

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