Every star film is done in 40 days and released in 60 days – there is nothing like this. Producer Smt Shoba Prakash never wanted to make a film in her career after her husband Prakash lost from ‘Hendthigelbedi’ is feeling very happy and smiling holding hands of Komal Kumar and Prarthana.
Like how I thought the things worked out. The cooperation is what made this film. We have plans to release the audio in this month end and the film in August first week say Smt Shoba Prakash.
All outsiders come and say before the film they would learn Kannada and speak. No one follow the promise. Kavin Bala (director of Kanagavelu Kaka) is not like that. He has spoken Kannada on the day of launch of the film at Shanthi Sagar in Malleswaram writing Kannada in Tamil. Today at the completion of ‘Pyar Ge Agbuttaithe’ Kannada film he spoke good Kannada. It is time others follow Kavi Bala.
This is a complete Komal Kumar film says Kavin Bala. It is with comedy, fantasy and love the film is narrated. We have captured in Mysore entire film. Rachana Mourya is in item song. I have immensely liked the time sense and involvement plus dedication of Komal Kumar said Kavi Bala.