Director Ram Deep has made a successful foray into the Kannada film industry. Now he needs to concentrate on scripting and narration style. Greater experience would have helped him maintain better control of the story, its script and narrative. But he deserves appreciation for his efforts which are more evident in the second half of the film while the first part comes across as clumsy, chaotic and confusing.

The storyline revolves around four characters. Deepu (Aneesh) falls in love with Mouna (Sindhu Loknath). He is ready to move to Norway for higher studies but changes his plans when he finds that his brother Ramu’s (Dilip Raj) relationship with Ragini (Nikhila Rao) is in troubled waters.

The story takes a tragic turn when Ramu is murdered. Later, Ragini also commits suicide. A twist in the story in the form of Mouna turning out to be Ragini’s sister keeps audience interest alive. But Mouna has a brother (Manoj Galgali) who doesn’t approve of her relationship with Deepu. He arranges to get Mouna married to another young man.

The other twist in the tale arrives in the form of Mouna learning from handycam footage that her brother lied about Ragini’s suicide. She tries to escape and meet Deepu.

Aneesh has done a good job but there is scope for improvement. Sindhu Loknath is okay. Music by Ajanish Loknath is good in parts. Manohar Joshi’s cinematography is not as impressive as his work in Simplaagi Ondu Love Story.