Nakra kannada Movie Review

Cast: Thriller Manju, Kote Prabhakar, Shobhraj, Tennis Krihsna, Lohithashwa
Direction: Ranjeeth
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

Director Ranjith should know that making a movie is an art and it that should have a good story and artistes who can perform. Nakara fails to impress you in any of the sequence. With poor script and narration, Ranjith has tried to tell a story of the underworld elements in Bangalore and how four village youths get caught in it. We have Khalidas (Shobhraj), a police inspector, who has links with underworld leader Akkayya (Ranjith), a eunuch.

Akkayya’s son Galeeju is murdered by rival gang. The story is about how Akkayya, who takes care of politicians and policemen, takes them to task for Galeeju’s murder. We have another character Arjun (Thriller Manju), an ACP, who is suspended. When the city witnesses large scale violence and murder, the ACP is asked to take charge. A poor story unfolds.
Thriller Manju should limit his role to a stunt director and not venture into acting. Shobhraj should know that he is a senior actor and have some sense while selecting roles. The less said the better about the rest.