Nagarahavu Kannada Movie Review

Nagabharanam / Shivanagam / Nagarahavu (2016) Movie Review, Cast, Crew, Box Office Collection And Audience Response

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Nagabharanam / Shivanagam / Nagarahavu (2016) is a Kannada language epic fantasy film. To say in brief, the word Nagabharanam actually means Cobra. And as the audience there highly appreciates this type of movie, it can be said that movie will surely rock in the box office collection. This is a comeback movie of Ramya spelt as Nagarahavu or even as Nagarahaavu. Directed by the brush of Kodi Ramakrishna, this motion picture stars some of the brilliant artists in the field of Film Industry. Some of them are Vishnuvardhan, Diganth, Ramya, Ravi Kale and many more. This particular movie has been dubbed in Tamil as Shivanagam as well.  The movie has been made with a budget of 40 Crores. Not only this but also the makers themselves have spent over 15 Crores alone on a nine-minute portion of Vishnuvardhan. Though the movie has recovered a part of money via the sale of satellite and theatrical rights, yet the business collection of the movie matters a lot for the makers as well as the entire team of Shivanagam or Nagabharanam. Well now let us discuss the movie and analyse Nagabharanam / Shivanagam / Nagarahavu (2016) Movie Review, Cast, Crew, Box Office Collection And Audience Response for our dear readers. Download Nagarahavu Songs

 Nagabharanam / Shivanagam / Nagarahavu (2016) Kannada Cast and Crew

  • Movie: Nagarahavu Kannada Songs Download
  • Cast: Vishnuvardhan, Diganth, Ramya, Mukul Dev, Ravi Kale, Rangayana Raghu, Saikumar, Darshan in a cameo appearance, Rajesh Vivek, Sadhu Kokila
  • Directed by:  Kodi Ramakrishna Rohith Kannan
  • Produced by: Sajid Qureshi Sohail Rohith Lankan Ansari and Dhaval Gada
  • Screenplay by: Kodi Ramakrishna, MS Ramesh (dialogues)
  • Music by: Gurukiran
  • Edited by: Jony Harsha
  • Cinematography by: Venu
  • Trailer: Watch Nagarahavu Kannada Trailer

Nagabharanam / Shivanagam / Nagarahavu (2016) Movie Review

The story of this film right from the release of the trailer was kept unknown. The effect and editing in the film are so amazing that every audience who love mythology, will surely go and book a ticket for this particular movie. And to say more, when the teaser was out it had almost one million viewers on YouTube. So now you can imagine how powerful a “snake” or “Nagarahavu” can be! As of now the film has a very decent response and running in theatres with flying colours.

Nagabharanam / Shivanagam / Nagarahavu (2016) Movie Rating

Critics Recommendation: 4 out of 5 stars.

Audience Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Direction: 4 out of 5 stars.

Acting: 4 out of 5 stars.

Music or Background Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Nagabharanam / Shivanagam / Nagarahavu (2016) 1st Day (Opening Day) Box Office Collection In India

Well, to say about this particular movie, the morning shows have gained almost Rs 1.25 Crores and the noon shows have been witnessed with a gain of Rs 2.5 Crores. At the end of today, this movie is expected to earn approximately Rs. 8.55 Crores in the domestic field. In the opening day of Nagarahavu (2016), it has recorded with an occupancy of 38% and 45% in the morning and noon shows respectively. Whereas, the evening shows have occupancy of about 68%. Therefore, the movie is already on cloud nine and doing wonders in the box office collection.

Nagabharanam / Shivanagam / Nagarahavu (2016) 1st Day (Opening Day) Box Office Collection In Overseas

The movie Shivanagam (2016) is predicted to cross over Rs 1.5 Crores outside India. As the movie budget of the film is 40 Crores, the audience too have high expectations from this film, not only from domestic areas but also outside India. Nagarahavu (2016) or to be pronounced it differently, Nagabharanam (2016), is a movie where a snake plays an important role. And for those who have a keen interest in mythology are surely going to love this film. This film is running in theatres from today, i.e. October 14, 2016. And many have already gone for th efirst day first show even in overseas.

Nagabharanam / Shivanagam / Nagarahavu (2016) Friday (Opening Day) Total Worldwide Box Office Collection

Released in almost 1550 screens, the movie has gained Rs. 10.05 Crores across the globe and is doing great in the movie collection. The movie can not be a wonder if we do not mention the brilliant artist who made this movie rock in the box office collection. However,  the editing and VFX for this kind of fantasy based movies matter the most. As without the effects and transitions, the movie could not connect with the audience. For more updates on the box office collection stay tuned with us.

Nagabharanam / Shivanagam / Nagarahavu (2016) Audience Response

In all the three languages, this particular movie received approximately 1 million viewers for its wonderful trailer. And now that the film got released, there are many a vow factors. To justify this particular point, we have the brilliant artists like Vishnuvardhan, Ramya and many more. This film starts with a particular flashback. In the flashback, we have a character named Naganika (played by Ramya) who is a great personality in her city. Her ancestors and she in the film are saving an ancient monument of Lord Shiva since many a century. Tantrik Kapali is the antagonist of the movie who has been in a rivalry with Naganika’s family to capture the very monument of Lord Shiva. And There is a time when Kapali kills Naganika. While dying, she takes an oath and comes back with another birth with the name of Manasa, the snake woman to take revenge. This entire story is a kiss factor. And to add more, there are no slap factors in overall. And that is the reason why we see a great response from the audience for this particular film, Shivanagam (2016).

Nagabharanam / Shivanagam / Nagarahavu (2016) Final Verdict

Nagabharanam (2016) is a fantasy based movie. And for the lovers of myth, this movie is the ultimate where we see aq family protecting a monument of Lord Shiva over centuries. The audience response as well as the response from the critics are amazing for this particular movie and therefore the movie is rocking the theatres. For more updates stay tuned with us.