Love Show Kannada Movie Review
Love Show Kannada Movie Review

Cast: Santhosh Varun, Shishira, Sadhu Kokila, Tabala Nani, Bullet Prakash
Direction: A Srinivasa Rao
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

One wonders what the director wanted to convey through the movie. The story is chaotic without logic or magic.

With no proper script or impressive narration, director Srinivasa Rao has proved he has no knowledge in movie-making. Medical student Shishira (Shishira) visits a locality to study prostitute patients as part of her community service. She finds that Sachin (Santhosh Varun) had helped a woman give up the profession. To test him, Shishira pretends to be a prostitute.

Sachin offers her money, asks her to give up the profession and lead a good life. At one point, she comes to his house and starts behaving like a mentally disturbed girl. This story goes on in such a way that makes it difficult to understand what the director wants to say. The worst part the dubbing for Tabala Nani and Bullet Prakash.

While Santhosh Varun and Shishira have shown some promise, the other characters fail to impress.