Cast: Paartha, Yagna Shetty & others.

Director: Chandrakala.
Music: Leo.
Producer: Chandrakala.
Genre: Drama.

Director Chandrakala should know that film making is an art and it requires proper training. With poor script and narration, the director has completely failed to give a good product to the audience. Loose sequences, unnecessary song scenes, missing links in the story, bad selection of artistes have contributed to the poor production.

Ashoka alias Kwatle (Partha) is known for stealing slippers and other petty items in the Arasu Colony. Nagi (Yagna Shetty), who collects empty bottles from households and later sells them, is in love with him. She tries to bring an end to his notorious activities, but in vain. Still she does not leave him. One fine day she comes to know that Kwatle is involved in clearing bodies of women who are raped and killed by a gang of five. He bundles the body in a gunny bag and brings it to the crematorium for cremation in nexus with in-charge of the crematorium. What does Nagi do?

Partha is no hero material. His expressions and dialogue delivery are way below mark. Yagna Shetty is a complete failure. Neither the music by Leo nor the camera work by Krishna Sarathy has helped the movie in anyway.