Karodpathi Kannada Movie Review
Karodpathi Kannada Movie Review

Cast: Komal Kumar, Meera Nandan, Jasmin, Guruprasad, Yathiraj, Biradar, Muni
Direction: P C R Ramesh
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

A ragpicker, who spends a day by just having a bun and half a cup of tea, suddenly gets Rs 20 crore. How does his mind work? Director P C R Kumar has done a good job of the story by driving home the point that money is important in life but should be spent wisely.

Though Komal is the hero, this is not a comedy. The movie begins and ends on a sentimental note.

Director P C R Ramesh has done a good job by choosing a story with a difference and giving it dramatic twists and turns. The focus is on a ragpicker who gets a bagful of money and spends it to build a family. But later he gets to know that the money belonged to an orphanage. The first half has some curious sequences, but the second half lags a bit. Totally, it is a family entertainer that you can watch once.

Banti Babu ( Komal Kumar) is an orphan who becomes a ragpicker to eke out a living. All survives on a bun and half a cup of tea a day. One day, he finds a bagful of Rs 1,000 notes. He takes the money and decides to lead a family life. He buys a house, brings a couple from an old age home and treats them as his parents. He helps Vidya (Meera Nandan) to study medicine and asks her to stay in his house. Babu also brings home Kotilinga (Guruprasad), an aspiring film director, to guide him. Babu goes to school, college and falls in love with a girl. But there is a curious turn to the story when Babu meets a man (Muni) whom he had saved from some goons earlier and comes to know that the money was meant for an orphanage. There is a curious turn to the climax too.

Komal has done a wonderful job, especially in the sentimental sequences. Guruprasad shines in dialogue delivery. Meera Nandan is okay. Abhiman Roy’s music is a highlight. Selva’s cinematography is good.