Cast: Ravi Prakash, Pooja Gandhi, Patre Ajith, Avinash, Tejaswini, Umashri, Sadhu Kokila and Sitara
Direction: B Mallesh
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Kalyanamasthu is based on the tried and tested formula of husband and wife separating and finally coming together after their misunderstanding is cleared. The story may be good, but fails Kalyanamasthu fails to leave an impact on the audience with poor script and narration

Santhosh (Patre Ajith) is in love with Radha (Tejaswini), the sister of Karan (Ravi Prakash). But Karan is clueless about the affair. His wife, also called Radha (Pooja Gandhi), knows about the love story but hasn’t seen Santhosh. The tale takes a bizarre turn when Karan’s sister Radha dies in an accident. Santhosh, who is unaware of the tragedy, sends a message to Karan’s wife Radha. The letter from Santhosh leads Karan to suspect his wife of infidelity. He even goes to the extent of seeking divorce. Finally, Santhosh comes to Karan’s house to meet his lover Radha. Watch the drama to know what happens next.

While Patre Ajith and Ravi Prakash haver done justice to their characters, Pooja Gandhi steals the shows for brilliant execution of her role. Umashri and Sadhu Kokila haven’t been utilized well. Kalyanamasthu scores low on music and cinematography.

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