Cast: Rajesh, Aishwarya, Mithra, Nandini and Ramesh Pandit
Direction: Ravi Kadur
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Director Ravi Kadur seems to have made this film cashing in on the popularity of Rajesh, who stars in the reality show Halli Huduga Pyaatege Bandha. Though the attempt is welcome, the film doesn’t live up to viewers’ expectations.
The plot centres on Rajesh (Rajesh), who has grown up in a forest, and the difficulties he faces in adjusting to city life. He comes to Bangalore and becomes an assistant to a roadside pani puri vendor. He falls in love with Aishu (Aishwarya), sister of Dharma (Dharmateja), a rowdy. This enrages Dharma who tries to kill Rajesh. Fearing for their lives, Aishu and Rajesh escape into the forest.

Unfortunately, Dharma follows them. Rajesh, Aishwarya and Dharmateja have a long way to go to prove themselves as actors. Music director V Manohar has delivered some catchy numbers, especially ‘black and hite manassu, colour colour kanassu’. MR Seenu’s camera work is good.