Cast: Edwin, Rachana gowda, Tabala Nani, Bank Janardhan, Neethu, Danny
Direction: Edwin
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

One wonders what made Edwin select this story for his directorial debut. With poor script and narration, he fails to convey his message. He begins the story focusing on the problems of bonded labourers. As the story progresses, Edwin loses grip over narration and forces unwanted scenes and songs with a tragic climax. He needs a lesson or two in direction.

Jeethu (Edwin) and Rama ( Rachana Gowda) from the same village fall in love with each other. They land in the village head’s house as bonded labourers. The village head’s brother tries to rape Rama. Edwin takes on him and his aides and beats them up. The lovers escape from the village and come to Bangalore. Not knowing what to do to make both ends meet, they face many problems. Rama, cheated by a vendor, lands in a brothel and dies after being raped. Raja is caught in a theft case and jailed. Raja’s mother who comes to Bangalore in search of him is found dead on a road. The story goes on and on and ends on a tragic note.

Edwin and Rachana have a long way to go to prove as actors. Presence of Tabala Nani lights up some sequences. Camera by Selvan and music by Vikas Vashisht are okay