‘HEBBULI’ might have been packaged as a Revenge saga but who cares about the packaging of a film as long as it gives a Good Run for money spent. I am pretty much sure that lovers of True Masala commercial Potboilers would go through the same experience when they get to watch this Action Extravaganza. There is also an awareness about ‘Generic Medicine’ attached to the storyline which is appreciable.


The film starts off with a Surgical Strike Operation near Kashmir under the Leadership of Captain Raam (Kiccha Sudeep) and he also saves the life of Dr Nandini (Amala Paul) in this rescue Operation. As expected, Love at first sight Happens and Love story begins to blossom until Raam gets a shocking news of his brother’s demise back home. How Raam finds out the culprits and takes revenge for his Brother SatyaMurthy’s (Ravichandran) Murder forms the Rest of the story.


The story of the film is simple and caters to the mass which is the main plus for the film. Director Krishna has been able to weave a commercial potboiler with perfect blend of emotions and action keeping audience engaged. First half of the movie packs the right punches and moves at a swift pace. Screenplay lags a little in second half with the Flashback sequence, which could have been trimmed. Audience might feel that there could have been more space for comedy sequences as well.


Coming to Performances, the film rides on the shoulders of Abhinaya Chakravarthy Kiccha Sudeep. It’s good to see Crazy Star Ravichandran alongside Sudeep after Maanikya yet again.  Krishna has etched good sequences to showcase the strength of both these stars. Sudeep steals the show with a rock solid performance. He excels in Romance and Action with his eye-catching Macho Avatar. Amala makes a lovely debut to Sandalwood by fitting in to a bubbly role perfectly. She looks hot & sensuous in songs filling up the glamour quotient too.


Ravishankar excels as a Baddie in a tailor-made Politician role for him. Kabir Duhan Singh & Ravi Kishan have proved their worth in their Cold-Blooded Villain Avatars for the movie. Kaveri, Chikkanna, Avinash, Late Anil and others appear in smallest of roles and add value to the film.


Coming to the Technical Department, Arjun Janya’s Background score, Cinematographer Karunakar’s lovely cinematography and Ravi Verma’s High Voltage action sequences are the main highlights. 2 songs have come out well. Lavishness is clearly evident on screen – thanks to Makers Umapathy and Raghunath.


On the whole, HEBBULI comes across as a Paisa Vasool entertainer for Fans and would be lapped up by Masses. The movie has all commercial elements to make it big at Box office engulfed by a Good Message too. Go, watch and enjoy.


NewKannada Rates 4/5