The special of this year birthday of first son of icon of Kannada cinema Dr Rajakumar is that a huge donation collected to Uttarkhand flood victims is presented to Karnataka Chief Minister. As the CM Siddaramaiah is busy in the morning for presentation of state budget the time of meeting CM is yet to be decided.

The fans of Shivarajakumar arranging for huge cake cutting celebration at Nagavara residence of the actor and two films ‘Aryan’ and ‘Bhajarangi’ posters will be released on this occasion.

For ‘Bhajarangi’ Shiv has arrived at six pack abs. it will be unveiled first at one of the events. For the birthday of Shivarajakumar there are a few announcements from film producers. Producer of ‘Anna Thangi’ Prabhakar has announced production No.10, producer of ‘Chingari’ has wished via advertisement, Production No.3 of Shivarajakumar and Radhika in Om Saiprakash direction has been announced, Best Cinemas have announced best wishes for the century star Shivarajakumar.