Pawan Wadeyar has not made a convincing screenplay and long drawn out love story and oscillation of mind we have seen in several films. Giving high standards to the characters the trivial issue also creeping in their mind cuts a sorry figure.

‘Govindayaanamaha’ to ‘Googly’ Pawan Wadeyar has got a new scale of grandeur in making. The attractive screenplay was deserved for this film. The first half does not say anything new but it separates the protagonists for two years. Straightforward protagonists in the issue of love are locked without expressing it.

Sharath (Yash) a commerce student and medical student Swathi (Kriti Karbanda) at one selection point and exchanging the trophies is difficult to digest. After meeting each other both waiting for proposal as it would hurt their ego is nothing special. Swathi friend suggest her to wait for the proposal from Sharath while Sharath father ask his son giving a peg to drink wait because she will definitely propose on her own.

To make it as usual director PW brings in some misunderstanding. Both concentrate on profession. After two years Sharath realizes that the slap he has made for Swathi is incorrect in a telephonic chat with his father. Swathi on the other hand receiving phone call on her birthday after two years prefer to stay away from Sharath connection. Whether they really unite again or not, the trouble shooters for Sharath dispatching him to the hospital, Swathi as doctor now giving blood to Sharath and again Swathi falling sick, Sharath crying for her all doles out as expected.

This is a competitive cinema field and such screenplay does not help director like Pawan Wadeyar. The first film he had distinction but second film is just pass for him.

Dialogues written for Yash are appealing for front benchers. He looks handsome, done excellent stunts and dance is main forte of Yash from the beginning of ‘Rocky’.

Kriti Karbanda with amazing looks and good ability to emote is a right choice. It is a treat watching her on silver screen. She is so much pretty. Ananthnag, Sudha Belawadi combination has nothing special.