Dyaavre Kannada Movie Review 
Review Dyaavre Kannada Movie Review 

After Pawan Kumar’s success with the experimental movie Lucia, Yogaraj’s another trainee Gadda Viji has tried his luck with Dyaavre. The film is getting good response from the moviegoers across the state. In Sandalwood, where the experimental movies are making a huge buzz, Dyaavre can be called as good attempt from the debutant director Gadda Viji. Dyaavre has many talented artists in it. The movie is the on-screen debut of Yogaraj Bhat, and is also a comeback for South lass Sonu Gowda. The actress is seen on silver screen after three years. Sathish Neenasam and Shruti Hariharan, who were the successful pair in critically acclaimed movie Lucia, has been seen in the significant role in the movie. It is also filled with many number of junior artists. Story: The movie starts with Yogaraj Bhat’s narration to the title, Dyaavre. The journalist (Sonu Gowda), who decides to make a special documentary on the criminals, visits Pampapura Jail. Bhimsen (Yogaraj Bhat), who plays the role of a Jailer (Jail Superintendent), will be having a good rapport with the prisoners. He will also be very affectionate towards the prisoners, and will be treating them as human beings, by forgetting their crimes.