dodmane hudga

Here, we bring you the live audience review of Puneeth Rajkumar’s Dodmane Huduga.

After the moderate success of Chakravyuha, Puneeth Rajkumar, who is in need of a big hit, is back with Dodmane Huduga, which is also spelt as Doddamane Hudga. The Kannada movie hit the screens on Friday, September 30.

It is the reunion of Puneeth Rajkumar, Suri and V Harikrishna, who were earlier part of Jackie and Anna Bond. While their first film was a blockbuster, their second film had bombed at the Sandalwood box office.

Dodmane Huduga has Radhika Pandit, who had romanced Puneeth Rajkumar earlier in Hudugru, playing the female lead. Actor-turned-politician Ambareesh will be playing an important role in the Kannada flick, which has Sumalatha, Bharathi Vishnuvardhan, Srinivasa Murthy, Krishna, P Ravi Shankar, Rangayana Raghu and others in the cast.

The film has Satya Hegde’s cinematography and Deepu S Kumar’s editing. V Harikrishna has provided a few foot-tapping songs.

Dodmane Huduga is a family-oriented action movie. The film has drawn curiosity with its power-packed trailer. The audience have pinned high hopes on the flick. Can the much-awaited Kannada flick live up to their expectations? Find out what they are saying below:

Priyanka: #PuneethRajkumar is a powerhouse of energy. Action + dance in Powerstar for you. #dodmanehuduga #DoddmaneHudga

#PuneethRajkumar remains a big attraction for masses in first half. #dodmanehuduga #DoddmaneHudga

The first half is engaging. Typical Suri’s style of narrating. #dodmanehuduga #DoddmaneHudga

#DodmaneHuduga early morning show…..

Is it yet another Kannada version of Godfather??? #DodmaneHuduga

#DodmaneHuduga turns out to be full meal. Has all the elements to keep the audience hooked to their seats. My rating: 3.25/5 #DoddmaneHudga

Cineloka: #DoddmaneHudga #Appu25 starts off with a kickass fight..

Movie is going good..Hubballi dialect is a delight to hear.. Thraas Aakkatti song now on big screen..

DoddmaneHudga Interval. Good twist to end the first half. Typical Suri Stuff so far.

“Enne fight” was too good.. Brilliant stunts.. Very much engaging post interval..

#DoddmaneHudga : Pakka Commercial Entertainer.. Power Star is Back. Rating – 3.75

Mallikarjun: #dodmanehuduga first half average.. hoping for better second half . Appu and Radhika best as always.

SHARAN: Powerstar #puneethrajkumar fight ammooooo Appu action one of the highlight of the movie! Fansgella habbadahutta! #DMHDarbaar #DMHDay

NamCinema: #DoddmaneHudga created enormous buzz and Suri has delivered a neat all round commercial entertainment. Rating 4/5

Review soon #DMHDarbaar

Extraordinary first half… Racy screenplay… Excellent stunts by Power Star. Well acted by Ambi, @RadhikaPandit7 & Ravishankar #DMHDarbaar

Goodman: #DoddmaneHudga – Interval – Decent entertainer so far . Waiting for more action in second half ….Puneeth looks dashingGoodman ‏@guddusaying

Sridhar Sri NTR: #DoddmaneHudga show time, now interval 1st half is gud no bore up to now waiting for second half

Nagendra: #DoddmaneHudga #DMH #kannada #FDFS #mysuru super entertainer masssss movie . fights cinematography . Abhimanigale nam mane devru

Yashwanth: #DoddmaneHudga dir SURI mark 1st half 2nd half was lag

POWERSTAR Puneeth entry n acting, stunts

RADHIKA got meaty role n excelled

Shashiprasad S M: #Dodmanehuduga #interval #Big #Entertainment #Duniya Suriname at the best after #Jackie #Power #hoise @RadhikaPandit7 @sumalathaA #Appu

Post #interval #Dodmanehuduga Yako eno #biriyani Li piece ‘galu’ kammi aagtide #Appu @RadhikaPandit7 @sumalathaA