Dil Rangeela Kannada Movie Review
Dil Rangeela Kannada Movie Review

Cast: Ganesh, Rachitha Ram, Priyanka Rao, Rangayana Raghu, Achyuth Kumar, Dattatreya
Direction: Preetham Gubbi
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 8 minutes

The hero is in love with the daughter of a rich hotelier, but is impressed by another girl during a visit to Goa. He is caught between the two girls. How does he overcome the dilemma?

It’s a family entertainer with Golden Star Ganesh back with his natural dialogue delivery. With a good script, director Preetham Gubbi has woven the romantic story with three characters — Preetham, Khushi and Anuradha. Who will be Preetham’s sweetheart at the end? While the first half is full of lively dialogues (Prashant) and moves slowly without disclosing the plot, the latter part of the second half has interesting developments.

Anuradha (Priyanka Rao), daughter of hotel owner (Achyuth Kumar), is in love with hotel chef Preetham (Ganesh). On his visit to Goa, Preetham meets Khushi (Rachitha Ram) who impresses him. He helps Khushi get over her failed romance with Vicky. On the other side, Anuradha is preparing for her engagement with Preetham. On the day of the engagement, Anuradha misbehaves with Preetham’s mother. This makes him to leave her and come back to Khushi. The story takes a curious turn when he sees Khushi with her estranged boyfriend. The rest is high drama which ends on a happy note.

Ganesh excels in a role that suits him well. Ruchitha Ram is brilliant in her expression and dialogue delivery. Priyanka Rao should improve her dialogue delivery. Music by Arjun Janya is okay. But H C Venu’s camerawork is marvellous, especially in the opening shot.

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