Director MS Ramesh has done a neat job of the script and narration. Though one wonders how relevant is the story to the present generation, there is still lot of drama in the script which the
director presents in a humorous way and many incidents that are in focus may be happening in many households.

The story revolves around two tourist guides – Prem and Rangayana Raghu. The jolly guides face a peculiar situation when a handicapped artist, a singer, a girl who escapes from the clutches of
prostitution, a lady who leaves her home after a tiff with her son, and another girl, who also runs away from her house not being able to accept the groom selected by her parents, land in their house. Each one of them has some sentimental story which reflects the present day
society. As the story progresses, the plot unfolds and each one of them are back in their own house. But the main character Aishwarya (Aishwarya Menon) decides to stay with Prem and he had to fight with her groom to save her. The rest of the story goes on expected lines.

While Prem and Rangayana Raghu have done justice to the story, Aishwarya Menon shines in emotional sequences. Camera by Dasari Seenu is good and music by Gurukiran has nothing much to offer.