Chatrapathi (2014) Kannada Movie Review

Title- Chatrapathi
Producer & Director- Dinesh Gandhi
Music- Keeravani
Cinematographer- Dasari Seenu
Actors – Dr. Siddhanth, Priyadarshini, Bhanupriya, Dinesh Gandhi, Harry Jose, Mithra, Honnavalli Krishna and others

‘Chatrapathi’ is a remake of 2005 telugu movie of the same name directed by Rajamouli and Prabhas, Shreya Saran in the lead. It was a superhit so the kannada remake has also created some expectations among the mass. But initially the movie had to face trouble as some groups demanded to change its tagline and then lack of theatres during the release. But Dinesh Gandhi and team overcame from these problems successfully.

Story starts in Srilanka. Shivaji lives with his step mother (Bhanupriya) and step brother. But they had to leave the country because of threat to them by locals. So they escape from there and come to Mangalore. While escaping Shivaji is seperated by his family. In mangalore they are stuck with Bajirao and gang who force them to work in smuggling and other illegal activities. Shivaji (Siddhanth) gets to know what is wrong and whats right so starts opposing Bajirao. At the same time he tries to find his lost family. During the search he meets Neelaveni (Priyadarshini) and love blossoms. By helping the needy and protecting them Shivaji grows strong and becames ‘Chatrapathi’, the saviour among his people. On the other hand his step brother who hates him from childhood alleging his mother loves Shivaji more than him gets to know about Shiavji is his long lost family, tries to kill him… Next? You must watch it on screen.

Dr. Sidhanth have improved in acting but he must have worked on his body, fight and dancing skills as his character required it. Bhanupriya has played the same role of step mother in ‘Chatrapathi’ original flick in telugu. As usual she is good. Female lead Priyadarshini looks glamorous in bikini and short dress (surprisingly she wore short skirts to her government office where she works). Kari subbu as a tainted minister is ok. Mithra as Sathyananda makes people laugh. Other characters have done their part including producer/ director Dinesh Gandhi as Shivaji’s close friend Bhadra.

Dinesh Gandhi have tried to recreate the telugu magic and is successful in some parts. But it leaves fans wanting more. Music by keeravani is ok. Rajesh Ramanath’s background score makes more sound than the ‘Sounding star’ Sidhanth. Cinematography by Dasari Seenu works in showing male lead as a superhero.