Chathurbhuja Kannada Movie Review
Chathurbhuja Kannada Movie Review

Cast: Arva, Shreya, Tabla Nani, Badal

Direction: MN Krishna Lekhana
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

The sequences swing between a play and a movie. Though the story is good, script fails it. One highlight is the introduction of Shreya as a heroine, who has done a remarkable job, especially in the climax. The movie is full of unnecessary sequences. Even the dialogues are best suited for plays.

Dasa, also known as Chathurbhuja, a villager comes to Bangalore to make a living as an autorickshaw driver. He falls in love with Shreya (Shreya), an educated girl. Later, differences crop up between them and Shreya leaves him. Dasa goes in search of her with a photo. We also have a villain in Vaale Manja (Badal), who also wants to make Shreya his girlfriend. The climax has both visiting Shreya’s house and reading her diary. What is there in the diary is shocking and the story ends on a tragic note.
Arva has done very well in his first stint as a hero. But it is Shreya’s brilliance in dialogue delivery, expression and body language that bring life to a strong character. Music by Poornachandra Tejaswi is average. Kiran Hampapura’s camera work is enjoyable.