The plot is simple. Ranganna (Rangayana Raghu) comes to Bangalore from Rampura village, looking for Venkateshwara (Avinash), his maternal uncle, for his signature to sell a property in the village. But Venkateshwara cheats him stating that he himself would buy the property and give money to Ranganna. He takes the signature of Ranganna but does not pay him the money. Ranganna becomes close to Khadim (Sadhu Kokila), a petty thief, who is in love with Sandhya (Roopashri), a money lender in a market. As the story progresses, Venkateshwara’s daughter (Ashwini Gowda) falls in love with Ranganna. The story takes a turn for the good for both when Ranganna promises to get Sandhya for Khadim, and Khadim promises to get Ranganna his maternal uncle. How they do it is filled with fun and comedy.