Cast: Darshan, Karthika Nair, Milana, Geetha, Sadhu Kokila, Sharath Babu, Saikumar, Doddanna, Jai Jagadish, Rashmi Hariprakash, Veena Sundar, Doddanna
Direction: K Madesh
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 55 minutes

The director seems to know the pulse of Darshan fans as well as Kannada audiences. In Brundaavana, a remake of Telugu movie Brundaavanam, he has excellently mixed comedy, action, sentiments and romance with rich lively narration that perfectly suits the character of Darshan. It’s a fast-paced story that explains the dilemma of a youth who has to act as a lover of a girl as she is not interested in the groom chosen by her family. He does it on request from his lover. In the process, he reunites two warring families but faces many embarrassing and dangerous situations which he overcomes tactfully.

Krishna (Darshan) is in love with Madhu (Milana), but she wants him to act as a lover of her friend Bhoomi (Karthika Nair) hailing from a big joint family staying in a house called Brundaavana in a village. Bhoomi is upset by the move of her family members to celebrate her marriage with a boy from the family itself. Krishna agrees to act as Bhoomi’s lover and enters Brundaavana. But he finds himself in a tense situation due to the arrogance of the head of the family Sathya Prakash. His family always had a fight with the family of Saikumar, his step brother. After studying the atmosphere, Krishna unites both families through his clever ways. A strange twist takes place when Krishna gets to know that Madhu is Saikumar’s daughter. A situation arises when he has to face both Bhoomi and Madhu in front of both the families and keep the secret that he is the original lover of Madhu. The story takes many curious turns and twists entertaining the audiences. How does Krishna manage the situation? That’s for you to watch and find.

Darshan is perfect as Krishna. Be it romance, action or sentiments, the Challenging Star has done a brilliant work. Karthika Nair dons the role of the gril next door excellently. Milana impresses you with her expressions. Saikumar is at his best. Music by Harikrishna has some catchy tunes. Camera by Rameshbabu is good. Palaniraj’s brilliant action sequences are a highlight