Brahma Kannada Movie Rating
Brahma Kannada Movie Review

Brahma Kannada Movie Review
Brahma Kannada Movie Review  

Movie : Brahma
Cast : Real Star Upendra, Praneetha
Director : R Chandru
Producer : P V Manjunath Babu
Music Director: Gurukiran

The big day has finally arrived for the fans of Superstar Upendra, who were eagerly waiting to see the actor in and as Brahma. The movie has the tagline ‘The Leader’, which clearly depicts the movie is another action thriller of Uppi. Brahma got a grand opening all over the state and is running packed houses. The USP of Brahma is none other than Upendra, who has joined hands with director R Chandru. Chandru, who is known for his romantic thrillers like Taj Mahal, Prem Kahani, Charminaar, is directing an action thriller for the first time. He is successful in showing Upendra in five shades. As Upendra is also an admired director among Kannadigas and others, there is a lot of expectations from the movie. Well, to be more accurate, director R Chandru has not disappointed Upendra’s fans in the film.  Story The movie deals with the story of so-called don Brahma (Upendra). He will be on a mission of looting the rich people and their black money in the world. Accidentally, he meets Pranitha in Malaysia, and they jointly do a ramp to win the cash prize of Best Couple Award. In this course, Pranitha falls in love with Upendra, who had already looted the black money of Lucky Man (Rangayana Raghu). Both, Rangayana Raghu and Pranitha, who comes in search of Brahma will get to know the real face of Brahma