It was a festive time inside the Bigg Boss house from the last two days as Nikita was all set to marry Yogish. Even though it was a fake wedding, the atmosphere and ambiance looked nearly real. Thanks to all the contestants, who acted well to give the realistic touch to the game show. Yogish’s entry to the show as a groom surprised all the contestants. They wholeheartedly welcomed him and gave him a royal treatment. Vijay Raghavendra, as per the South Indian tradition, washed the feet of the groom. Girls greeted him by performing aarti (a ritual with a lamp placed on a platter), and placed a tilak (red dot) on his forehead. ‘Kadal daati bandha…kudure yere bandha..’ track from Sudeep’s Nandi was used as his welcome track. At this juncture, Yogi was called to confession room. Bigg Boss asked whether he likes the girl chosen by his parents and he said ‘yes’ to it. The boss also offered him to choose one among the two girls if he does not like the girl approved by his parents