Cast: Yogish, Bhama, Jaijagadish, Ramakrishna, Tilak, Jayasheela,Sadhu Kokila, Vinayaka Joshi, Sudha Belawadi
Direction: Sen Prakash
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

It’s a commercial movie which shows hero Yogish as a student, lover boy and culprit. Though the script is good, the narration is completely confusing till the climax which has some dramatic sequences. It is dull with even Sadhu Kokila sequence failing to entertain and some unnecessary song sequences spoil the flow of the story. This is not a movie of 142 minutes and could have been contained within 120 minutes.

The focus of the story is Ajay (Yogish) who is in love with Arundhathi (Bhama). The drama starts when Arundhathi’s parents try to marry her to with Vilas (Tilak) without informing her. She had earlier rejected him. Police are on the lookout for Ajay for shooting at a person. Ajay flees to evade arrest and lands in Haridwar where Arundhati’s wedding was planned with Vilas. A lot of drama follows till the climax on a sad note. The director has used age old way of narration which we have seen in many movies. The editing seems to have slipped at many sequences in the first half.

Yogish has done his best to keep the role alive. Bhama is good. But it is Jayasheela as friend of Bhama who impresses with her excellent expressions and dialogue delivery. Tilak as a villain is a treat to watch. Sadhu Kokila is a waste. Music by Abhiman Roy has a couple of good tunes. Cinetech Suri has handled the camera well.