Advaitha Kannada Movie Ratings
Advaitha Kannada Movie Review  

Director Giriraj, who caught the attention of the moviegoers with his experimental movie Jatta and Navilaadavaru is back with Advaitha. The movie has Ajay Rao and Harshika Poonacha in the leads. Story Advaitha, which has the tagline that reads ‘Every writer is a fighter’ deals with the story of a story writer Vivek (Ajay Rao). He meets the film producer MN Suresh, who asks him to come up with a different script which has underworld as a theme. Vivek decides to be with a real don Harshavrdhan (Achyuth Kumar), which will be helpful for him to closely analyse the mafia don’s character and come up with a unique story. Advaitha takes a different turn, when Harshavardhana will join hands with his opponent Sudarshan (Neenasam Ashwath). He decides to make Sudarshan’s younger brother as his son-in-law by getting his daughter, Ambika (Harshika Poonacha) to marry him, though she dislikes the offer. Following which Ambika attempts suicide, who will be saved by Vivek. He will help Ambika to escape from her house. Will Ambika be successful in escaping from the marriage or will Ambika falls in love with Vivek? Will Vivek be successful as a story writer? Answers for all these forms the crux of Advaitha.