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Gombegala Love (2012) Kannada MP3 Songs Download (All songs)

Gombegala Love (2012) Kannada Movie MP3 Audio Songs free Download (all songs updated)

Songs list 

1.Ayyo Namage Preethityu - Karthik 
Mediafire / Ziddu

2.Premave Jeeva - Haricharan
Mediafire / Ziddu

All Gombegala Love songs in single ZIP file Download 
Mediafire / Ziddu

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Radhana Ganda (2012) Kannada MP3 Songs Download (One Song only)

Radhana Ganda (2012) Kannada Movie MP3 audio Songs free Download
(ONE SONG ONLY) REST SONGS WE WILL UPDATE SOON... Cast: Komal, Poorna, Sudarshan, Kurigalu Pratap & others
Music Director: Manikanth Kadri

1. Iruve Kachide - Rahul Nambiar, Sharmila

2. Butterfiles - Manikanth Kadri, Sharmila

3. Sundarige Sundarano - Navin Madhav, Vismaya Vinayak

4. Eddu Bandano - Palakkad Sriram

5. Jute Maga - Santhosh Venkey

6. Sundarige (Remix) - Vismaya Vinayak

All Radhana Ganda Songs in single ZIP file Download (Mediafire / Ziddu)

Pade Pade (2012) Kannada MP3 Songs Download (3 of 9 Songs)

Pade Pade (2012) Kannada Movie MP3 Audio Songs free Download 

Director : R Nagaraj Peenya
Cast : Akila Kishor, Tarun Chandra and Mrudula Sathe & others
Music : Satish Aryan
Producer : Gangadhar

1. Manasagideye Oh - Kunal Ganjawala & Shreya Goshal
2. Byada Maga Byada Maga - Kailash Kher
3. Ee Hadina Saalali - Vijay Prakash
4. Vandemataram - Shankar Mahadevan
5. Manasagideyo (Bit Music) - Kunal Ganjawala 
6. Ninyaare Ninyaare - Sonu Nigam
7. Neenane Ho Neenane - Shankar Mahadevan
8. Ee Manasina Maneyali - Vijay Prakash
9. Manasagideyo (Male) - Kunal Ganjawala 


All Pade Pade Songs in single ZIP file Download (3 SONGS ONLY)

Top Hits From Vishnuvardhan Films - Listen online


Nandeesha (2012 / 2013) Kannada Movie Trailer Online

Komal Nandeesha (2012 / 2013) Kannada Movie Trailer watch online


Manjunatha BA LLB (2012) Kannada MP3 Songs Download

Manjunatha BA LLB (2012) Kannada MP3 audio Songs free Download

Director: Mohan
Cast: Jaggesh, Reema, Tabala Nani and others.
Music: Vinay Chandra

Download below Songs

1. Hoovantha Hudugina

2. Pala Pala Holeyuva

3. Problemmu Bandaga

All Manjunatha BA LLB Songs single ZIP file Download
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Charminar - Radhe Radhe full Video Songs Download

Charminar (2012) Kannada Movie - Radhe Radhe full Video Song free Download


Cast - Prem, Meghana & others
Director - R. Chandru
Music - Hari 
Producer - R Chandru 

3GP Download Mediafire / Ziddu
MP4 Download Mediafire / Ziddu


Ninnindale Movie Launch Press Meet | Puneeth Rajkumar

Ninnindale Kannada is an upcoming Indian Kannada film directed by Jayanth C. Paranjee, a popular Tollywood film director making his debut in Kannada cinema. The film stars Puneeth Rajkumar and Erica Fernandes in the lead roles. The film is produced by Vijay. Kirgandur under the banner of "Hombale Films". The soundtrack and original score is composed by Mani Sharma and the cinematography is by P.G.Vindha. The film's title is inspired by the successful track called "Ninnindale" (meaning: Because of you) from Puneeth Rajkumar's earlier venture, Milana. Vinayak Joshi, Avinash, Sadhu Kokila. Editing by Marthand K.Venkatesh. Screenplay by Jayanth C Paranji, Shankar.

Uppi 2(2013) kannada photo Trailer

Utopian Upendra is all set to launch a home banner film. This is not a sequel but the title 'Uppi-2' leaves a suspicion that it is a sequel.

In 1998 Upendra directed and acted a film for producer Shilpa Srinivas and it was titled as 'Upendra' - the film starring Raveena Tandon, Prema and Dhamini ran for 100 days and it was a mixture of breeze, fire and rain in the film.

Now after 14 years Upendra is taking up a project for his home banner. It is 'Uppi-2'. Gurukiran is scoring music again. Upendra has done the story, screenplay, dialogues besides direction. 'Uppi-2' is in the production of Priyanka Upendra. For last year Upendra birthday the film banner was launched by star's wife Priyanka. She intends to release the film 'Uppi-2' for 2013 birthday of Upendra.

To the ears when the title is fast narrated it hears as 'Uppittu' (mouth watering popular food item. Meanwhile the only film ready for release for Upendra is 'Topiwala' in the direction of Srini. 'Topiwala' is a film releasing on the eve of election has many injections to politicians from Upendra.

Himesh Reshmmiya Singing in Kannada

imesh Reshammiya is the son of Gujarati music director Vipin Reshammiya and his wife, Madhu Reshammiya. Himesh lost his elder brother at the age of 11, and decided to take up music as his career after the incident, to fulfill his father's wishes. He did his schooling at Hill Grange School in Padder Road area, Mumbai. Himesh started his career with a production house which aired quite a few TV soaps on Doordarshan Ahmedabad and Zee TV at the age of mere 16. Himesh Reshammiya avoided speaking about his personal life in media until July 2007, when in the talk show "Koffee with Karan", he revealed that he is married to Komal Reshammiya , and they have a 10 year old son named Swayam Reshammiya.

Read more at:

Chitramandiradalli - Exculsive Poster Trailer and Preview Video

An experimental film by director Venkatachala is about life in bangalore especially in theatres. Few scenes are shot inside the theatre and represented in the form of three shades of a persons life, Shekar the male lead has built his physique for his role and t.v serial artist Namitha from 'silli lalli' fame is back to acting after a long gap. It's not a typical love story claims director, that its different from other films. The posters and overview definitely proves it.

Director:- C N Venkatachala
Music Director:- Praveen D Rao
Editor:- Ravi
Starring:- Shankar Aryan, Namitha
Preview Video

Upendra to star in Special 26's Kannada Remake

"Actor-Director Upendra who is known for directing Tharle
Nan Maga, Shhh!, Om and also starring in films such asA and Upendra early in his career has shown keen interest in starring Special 26's remake. 

Friendship day Special

Vishnuvardhan neither hissed like a ‘nagara havu' nor roared like a ‘simha' off screen. He was a sensitive person. He had built a fort around himself. I've seen stars do it as a form of self defence, to ward off unwanted people. I met him for the first and last time in the twilight of his career. “It's an animal instinct you develop. I have been hurt so many times that I don't easily trust,” he confessed. He later told a common friend that it was the most sincere interview he had ever done.

I remember that day he looked weary. He seemed to be constantly appraising me and my intentions. It was as if he had suffered a deep emotional wound that never healed. His candour was disarming when I asked him about incidents that haunted him. “I've become sensitive and insecure. I used to do films for the sake of friendship. In retrospect I feel I've invested my emotions on unworthy people. I was exploited,” he confessed in an anguished tone. There was a spark in his eyes when I suggested his easy going attitude was reflected in his choice of films. “You are 100 percent right. If I fancied a car and a producer offered it to me I would sign his film. I've made many a blunder. I don't know whether to call it innocence, ignorance or arrogance. But I've always been a harmless guy,” he sighed.

An actor by accident, his stunning performance as a fiery rebel in “Nagarahavu” catapulted him to instant stardom but there was a price to pay. Having grown up on a staple diet of Rajkumar films he instantly agreed to play his wayward brother in “Gandhadha Gudi” unaware that it would embroil him in an unwanted controversy. Rajkumar's fans accused him of trying to shoot their hero. When I urged Vishnu to come clean he rested his chin on his fist and smiled wistfully. “It was because of certain people. I was present when it took place.

The shot was between Rajkumar and Balakrishna. I was watching. Balakrishna was given the loaded rifle in a hurry as they wanted to wrap up the shooting. Luckily, the safety lock was closed. It was after twelve takes that they realised the damn thing was not working. It was MP Shanker's rifle but he was attending to something else.” So how was he involved? “I don't know. This went on for a long time and I was victimised for no fault of mine. Of late, I've realised that if a person is going through a bad patch he has to suffer even if he's the Kanchi Acharya.” I wondered if this changed his equation with Raj. “Not at all. He told me that any reaction would only add fuel to the fire. I know some of the people who were involved. They are no more. I underwent a lot of humiliation. What I'd like to know is how the perpetrators gained from this?”Source

Happy Birthaday Shivanna

The special of this year birthday of first son of icon of Kannada cinema Dr Rajakumar is that a huge donation collected to Uttarkhand flood victims is presented to Karnataka Chief Minister. As the CM Siddaramaiah is busy in the morning for presentation of state budget the time of meeting CM is yet to be decided.

The fans of Shivarajakumar arranging for huge cake cutting celebration at Nagavara residence of the actor and two films 'Aryan' and 'Bhajarangi' posters will be released on this occasion.

For 'Bhajarangi' Shiv has arrived at six pack abs. it will be unveiled first at one of the events. For the birthday of Shivarajakumar there are a few announcements from film producers. Producer of 'Anna Thangi' Prabhakar has announced production No.10, producer of 'Chingari' has wished via advertisement, Production No.3 of Shivarajakumar and Radhika in Om Saiprakash direction has been announced, Best Cinemas have announced best wishes for the century star Shivarajakumar.

Pyaar Ge Agbuttaithe Movie News

Every star film is done in 40 days and released in 60 days – there is nothing like this. Producer Smt Shoba Prakash never wanted to make a film in her career after her husband Prakash lost from ‘Hendthigelbedi’ is feeling very happy and smiling holding hands of Komal Kumar and Prarthana.

Like how I thought the things worked out. The cooperation is what made this film. We have plans to release the audio in this month end and the film in August first week say Smt Shoba Prakash.

All outsiders come and say before the film they would learn Kannada and speak. No one follow the promise. Kavin Bala (director of Kanagavelu Kaka) is not like that. He has spoken Kannada on the day of launch of the film at Shanthi Sagar in Malleswaram writing Kannada in Tamil. Today at the completion of ‘Pyar Ge Agbuttaithe’ Kannada film he spoke good Kannada. It is time others follow Kavi Bala.

This is a complete Komal Kumar film says Kavin Bala. It is with comedy, fantasy and love the film is narrated. We have captured in Mysore entire film. Rachana Mourya is in item song. I have immensely liked the time sense and involvement plus dedication of Komal Kumar said Kavi Bala.

Drama at USA

Yogaraja Bhat's Drama is getting premiered in US
January 4 at 8.00 Serra, Miltiplas, California.
January 5 & 6 at 2.30 P.M. and 5.30 P.M. in Serra, Miltiplas, California.

Dilwaala(2013) Kannada Movie Review

Cast: Sumanth, Radhika Pandit, Ravishankar, Jai Jagadish, Sharath Lohithashwa, Ramesh Bhat, Veena Sundar
Direction: Anilkumar
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 37 minutes

The story is about the dilemma of a boy who falls in love with a girl and is caught between two rowdies who want to take revenge on each other, one of whom is his father. The girl too is caught in their ego clash.

Director Anilkumar could have done a better job of the story by cutting unnecessary and boring sequences. Even some of the songs look forced which drags the movie to 157 minutes. Though the movie has rich and colourful sets, and music (thanks to Arjun Janya) with some excellent tunes, the director struggles to narrate the story in a simple way. Many times the sequences are not linked properly. In his handling of romantic sequences, the hero occupies more screen space than the heroine.

The entire story revolves around hero Prem (Sumanth) who falls in love with Preethi (Radhika Pandit). As they want to see their romance end on a happy note, the story takes a turn for worse with Jayasimha (Sharath Lohithashwa), father of Prem, asking his son to forget Preethi as his rival Devaraj (Ravishankar) plans to kill them in revenge. This is followed by kidnaps and fights between the rival groups. But Prem handles the situation intelligently. How?

Sumanth looks more matured and good in dialogue delivery and expression than his earlier movie Aata. Radhika Pandit wins your heart with her expressions. Sharath Lohithashwa and Ravishankar are the best choice for their roles. Cinematography by Sudhakar S Raj is pleasing to your eyes.

Brindavana (2013) Kannada Movie Review

Cast: Darshan, Karthika Nair, Milana, Geetha, Sadhu Kokila, Sharath Babu, Saikumar, Doddanna, Jai Jagadish, Rashmi Hariprakash, Veena Sundar, Doddanna
Direction: K Madesh
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 55 minutes

The director seems to know the pulse of Darshan fans as well as Kannada audiences. In Brundaavana, a remake of Telugu movie Brundaavanam, he has excellently mixed comedy, action, sentiments and romance with rich lively narration that perfectly suits the character of Darshan. It's a fast-paced story that explains the dilemma of a youth who has to act as a lover of a girl as she is not interested in the groom chosen by her family. He does it on request from his lover. In the process, he reunites two warring families but faces many embarrassing and dangerous situations which he overcomes tactfully.

Krishna (Darshan) is in love with Madhu (Milana), but she wants him to act as a lover of her friend Bhoomi (Karthika Nair) hailing from a big joint family staying in a house called Brundaavana in a village. Bhoomi is upset by the move of her family members to celebrate her marriage with a boy from the family itself. Krishna agrees to act as Bhoomi's lover and enters Brundaavana. But he finds himself in a tense situation due to the arrogance of the head of the family Sathya Prakash. His family always had a fight with the family of Saikumar, his step brother. After studying the atmosphere, Krishna unites both families through his clever ways. A strange twist takes place when Krishna gets to know that Madhu is Saikumar's daughter. A situation arises when he has to face both Bhoomi and Madhu in front of both the families and keep the secret that he is the original lover of Madhu. The story takes many curious turns and twists entertaining the audiences. How does Krishna manage the situation? That's for you to watch and find.

Darshan is perfect as Krishna. Be it romance, action or sentiments, the Challenging Star has done a brilliant work. Karthika Nair dons the role of the gril next door excellently. Milana impresses you with her expressions. Saikumar is at his best. Music by Harikrishna has some catchy tunes. Camera by Rameshbabu is good. Palaniraj's brilliant action sequences are a highlight

Jungle Jackie(2013) Kannada Movie Review

Cast: Rajesh, Aishwarya, Mithra, Nandini and Ramesh Pandit
Direction: Ravi Kadur
Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Director Ravi Kadur seems to have made this film cashing in on the popularity of Rajesh, who stars in the reality show Halli Huduga Pyaatege Bandha. Though the attempt is welcome, the film doesn't live up to viewers' expectations.
The plot centres on Rajesh (Rajesh), who has grown up in a forest, and the difficulties he faces in adjusting to city life. He comes to Bangalore and becomes an assistant to a roadside pani puri vendor. He falls in love with Aishu (Aishwarya), sister of Dharma (Dharmateja), a rowdy. This enrages Dharma who tries to kill Rajesh. Fearing for their lives, Aishu and Rajesh escape into the forest.

Unfortunately, Dharma follows them. Rajesh, Aishwarya and Dharmateja have a long way to go to prove themselves as actors. Music director V Manohar has delivered some catchy numbers, especially 'black and hite manassu, colour colour kanassu'. MR Seenu's camera work is good.

Umesh(2013) Kannada Movie Review

It seems that Kumar has been inspired by Kannada movie Dandupalya, which depicts a group of people who kill women for gain. Though technically the director has done a fairly decent job by not highlighting the violent bits, there's nothing that stands out in the movie. While the first half has its share of lively moments despite some brutal scenes, the second half rambles a bit.

Umesh (Jitendra Simon), a serial killer, is in jail. Two students from an American university, Sapna (Viola Mathew) and Samantha (Neelopher), land in the city to do research on serial killers. Samantha begins to show interest in Umesh and he ends up falling in love with her. This is one part of the story. The second part has the rapist escaping from jail and killing a woman. The two students are given extra security by DCP Nagaraj (Joe Simon). However, Umesh manages to kidnap Samantha from the police guest house and take her into a forest. Meanwhile, cops launch a manhunt for him. To know what happens next, you'll have to wait for the sequel, Umesh 2.

Jitendra Simon steals the show with his portrayal of Umesh. His scores high on expressions, body language and dialogue delivery. Viola Mathew and Neelopher have done justice to their roles. Joe Simon is poised as a police officer.

Googly Kannada Movie Review

Pawan Wadeyar has not made a convincing screenplay and long drawn out love story and oscillation of mind we have seen in several films. Giving high standards to the characters the trivial issue also creeping in their mind cuts a sorry figure.

'Govindayaanamaha' to 'Googly' Pawan Wadeyar has got a new scale of grandeur in making. The attractive screenplay was deserved for this film. The first half does not say anything new but it separates the protagonists for two years. Straightforward protagonists in the issue of love are locked without expressing it.

Sharath (Yash) a commerce student and medical student Swathi (Kriti Karbanda) at one selection point and exchanging the trophies is difficult to digest. After meeting each other both waiting for proposal as it would hurt their ego is nothing special. Swathi friend suggest her to wait for the proposal from Sharath while Sharath father ask his son giving a peg to drink wait because she will definitely propose on her own.

To make it as usual director PW brings in some misunderstanding. Both concentrate on profession. After two years Sharath realizes that the slap he has made for Swathi is incorrect in a telephonic chat with his father. Swathi on the other hand receiving phone call on her birthday after two years prefer to stay away from Sharath connection. Whether they really unite again or not, the trouble shooters for Sharath dispatching him to the hospital, Swathi as doctor now giving blood to Sharath and again Swathi falling sick, Sharath crying for her all doles out as expected.

This is a competitive cinema field and such screenplay does not help director like Pawan Wadeyar. The first film he had distinction but second film is just pass for him.

Dialogues written for Yash are appealing for front benchers. He looks handsome, done excellent stunts and dance is main forte of Yash from the beginning of 'Rocky'.

Kriti Karbanda with amazing looks and good ability to emote is a right choice. It is a treat watching her on silver screen. She is so much pretty. Ananthnag, Sudha Belawadi combination has nothing special.

Charminar (2012) Kannada all MP3 Songs Download

Charminar (2012) Kannada movie All MP3 audio Songs free Download
Singer names Updated..


Cast - Prem, Meghana & others
Director - R. Chandru
Music - Hari 
Producer - R Chandru 

Download below songs

1. Olava Modala Jalaka - Hari
Mediafire / Ziddu

2. Olavina Jothe - Kunal Ganjwala
Mediafire / Ziddu

3. Cindrella Cindrella - Tippu
Mediafire / Ziddu

4. Aa Chigurina - Kunal Ganjwala
Mediafire / Ziddu

5. Nanna Yedeya - Hari, Anuradha bhat
Mediafire / Ziddu

6. Kanna Neeru - Hari, Shilpa
Mediafire / Ziddu

All Charminar songs in single Zip file Download
Mediafire / Ziddu

Other Nenapirali Prem's New Songs:
1. Chandra
2. Athi Aparoopa


Mynaa - Modala Male video song free Download



Mynaa (2012) Theatrical trailer watch online

Mynaa (2012) Kannada movie official Theatrical trailer download

Cast: CHETAN, NITHYA MENON and others.

Appayya (2012) Kannada MP3 Songs Download

Appayya (2012) Kannada movie MP3 audio Songs free Download

Cast: Srinagar kitti, Bhama, Indra kumar & Indra kumar
Director: S.Narayan
Producer: Bhagyavathi Narayan
Music: S.Narayan , Dharma Vish
Lyricst: S.Narayan

Songs list

1. Bombayalli - Chaithra 
2. Thumbiko - Shamitha 
3. Jeeva Neenu - Karthik 
4. Ondu Maathu - Naresh Iyer 
5. Savira Hoogalu - Tippu 
6. Chiraruni - Ambi Sambhrama

All Appayya songs in single zip file Download

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Mynaa (2012) Kannada MP3 Songs Download (All Songs)

Mynaa (2012) Kannada MP3 audio Songs free Download
All songs updated.

Director: Nagashekhar 
Producer: Radhika 
Cast: Chetan Kumar,  Nithya Menon

Download Mynaa Songs

1. Mynaa Mynaa - Sonu Nigam
Mediafire / Ziddu

2. Modala Maleyanthe - Sonu Nigam & Shreya Ghoshal
Mediafire / Ziddu

3. O Premada Poojaari
Mediafire / Ziddu

4. Modala Maleyanthe (Duet) - Sonu Nigam
Mediafire / Ziddu

5. Baa Illi Beesu
Mediafire / Ziddu

6. Modala Maleyanthe (Female)
Mediafire / Ziddu

7. Modala Maleyanthe (Karaoke)
Mediafire / Ziddu

All Mynaa Songs in single ZIP file
Download Mediafire / Ziddu

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Kalyanamasthu (2012) Kannada MP3 Songs Download

Kalyanamasthu (2012) Kannada MP3 aduio Songs free Download

Director: Mallesh B
Producer: Kanthraju, Rajshekar Rao K
Cast: Ajith,  Pooja Gandhi

1. Sloka - Shashidhar Kote
2. Moda Moda Seralu -Anuradha Bhat
3. Male Haniye Male Haniye - Chetan , Divya Raghavan
4. Appanu Kattida - Chetan , Lakshmi Nagaraj
5. Kai Hididalu Kan Hodedalu - Chaitra , Hemanth 
6. Baaligondu Beli Naa - Vijay Prakash , Anuradha Bhat

All Kalaynamasthu Songs in single ZIP file Download

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Yaare Koogaadali Theatrical official Trailer watch online

Yaare Koogaadali Theatrical official Trailer watch online


Rajani Kantha (2012) Kannada Movie video songs Download

Vijay Rajani Kantha (2012) Kannada Movie video songs free Download


MP4 / 3GP

MP4 / 3GP

MP4 / 3GP

Vijay Rajani Kantha (2012) Kannada Movie video songs Watch online




Yaare Koogadali (2012) Kannada MP3 Songs Download

Yaare Koogadali 2012 / 2013 Kannada movie MP3 audio Songs free Download

Movie : Yaare Koogadali
Year: 2013 
Director : Samuthirakani 
Producer : Parvathamma Rajkumar 
Starring : Puneeth Rajkumar, Bhavana, Yogesh, Girish Karnad 
Music : V. Harikrishna 

Download below songs list:

1. Hello One Two Three - Mamata Sharma & Udith Narayan
Mediafire / Ziddu

2. Yaarivano Yaarivano - Sonu Nigam, Karthik & Anuradha Bhat 
Mediafire / Ziddu

3. Kempaado Kempaado - Kailash Kher 
Mediafire / Ziddu

4. Gaaliyalli Eejuva Aase - Anuradha Bhat 
Mediafire / Ziddu

5. Yaaraivano Yaaraivano - (2nd Version) - Anuradha Bhat & Karthik
Mediafire / Ziddu

All Yaare Koogadli Songs in single ZIP file Download
Mediafire / Ziddu

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Arya’s Love (2012) Kannada MP3 Songs Download

Arya’s Love (2012) Kannada movie MP3 Songs free Download

Cast: Arya & others
Producer : Dr.Uday Kuamr
Direction : Punith Arya
Music : Abhishek

Download below songs
1. Angala Suduva - Bit - Maithri Bhat 
2. Ennondu janma - Bit - Satwik 
3. Haalada Hudgira - Praveen D Rao 
4. Haneya Baraha - Suvarna 
5. Kannira inkida - Bit - Kavya 
6. Kotainta Janara Bit - Satwik 
7. Nin Mele Lovvu - Ajay Warior 
8. Swamiye Ayappa - Rohith,Shashikala 
9. Yedeyalle olava - Bit - Maithri Bhat

All aarya love kannada songs in single zip file Download

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Pade Pade (2012) Kannada MP3 Songs free Download (One promo Song)

Pade Pade (2012) Kannada movie Promo song Download

Casts : Tarun ,Mrudula and Akila Direction : R Nagaraj Peenya Music : Satish Aryan Producer : Gangadhar 

1. Manasagideye oh  Kunal
Singers: Ganjawala & Shreya Goshal

Lucia (2012) Kannada MP3 Songs Download (One promo song)

Lucia (2012) Kannada promo song download

Cast: Pawan Kumar

one song

Lakshmi (2012) Kannada Movie official Trailer watch online

Lakshmi (2012) Kannada Movie official Trailer watch online

Cast: Shivrajkumar, Priyamani, Saloni Aswani, Rangayan Raghu, Avinash Composer: Gurukiran Director: Raghava Loki Producer: BR Duggineni, Adhi


Shathru (2012) Kannada Movie trailer watch online


Shathru (2012) Kannada Movie trailer watch online